Nigel Quiney Cards Available

Hello, we have an ever-growing selection of Nigel Quiney Birthday cards and greeting cards available on the All Greeting Cards website.

Nigel Quiney Publications is a Specialist Greeting Card Publisher with over 50 years experience in the business, of which 35 years have been based in Saffron Walden. Their super UK made cards are of the highest quality available. The two inside card sides have colourful illustrations continuing the theme from the front of the card. There remains ample room for you to write your special message, on one or both inner sides if required!

Lately, Nigel Quiney cards have replaced the glitter embellishment with colourful reflective foil details. I am so pleased to see this because the glitter used to get everywhere! I use a scanner to create pictures of each card front, and unfortunately the colourful and reflective card foil usually shows as a darkish colour in the scanned image, so please keep that in mind when viewing the cards. Still, I prefer that as to the former problem of glitter granules everywhere!

I encourage you to check out our Nigel Quiney range of cards here.

Thankyou, Al.

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