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Nigel Quiney Cards Being Added

Posted by Al McCavery on

Hiya, Nigel Quiney greeting cards are currently being added, and can be viewed in the 'New In' section at the top of the category list. Nigel Quiney have over 25 years experience in the greeting cards industry, and produce an extensive range.

My previous purchases of Nigel Quiney cards were all covered in cellophane, however my most recent purchase from two weeks ago seen the cards arrive 'naked'. No cellophane, just the card and an envelope. One small victory for the planet in helping to reduce plastic waste. Most of their glitter cards use biodegradable and eco-friendly glitter granules, and it does say in the card description if this is so. The card material is FSC accredited, which guarantees it is sourced from well managed forests and/or recycled sources.

The Nigel Quiney artwork is a delight, and some cards also have small artwork on both inner faces. These cards, along with your message, are sure to warm the heart.


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