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My Greeting Card Organizer Hardback Book

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Have you ever forgotten to send a birthday card to a relative or friend, or perhaps only remembered an important anniversary with a loved one at the very last moment?

Perhaps you buy greeting cards well in advance of an occasion, and then forget where they are when you need them? If so My Greeting Card Organizer is for you. With a specially designed diary for noting birthdays and anniversaries for the year ahead, this organizer will keep you up to date with every occasion. 12 handy pockets also allow you to store all those perfect cards you've been saving for the coming months – you'll never be without a card at the last minute again!

Each month has 3 page sides for filling in birthdays and anniversaries etc, and 1 page side for filling in addresses. Each month also has a cardboard pocket for storing your cards. Please be advised that the maximum width of card and envelope for storage is 150mm, and maximum height is 230mm. All the pages are ring-bound. The organizer dimensions are 210mm x 252mm x 46mm. The publisher is Ryland, Peters and Small.